Aurore Dassesse

Aurore (° 1991) started her cello studies with Ilia Laporev and was admitted in 2003 as “exceptional young talent” to the class of Justus Grimm at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel. After her study with Hélène Dautry, as a student of the Conservatoire de Paris, Aurore began her bachelor years with Grimm at the Koninklijk Conservatorium of Antwerp. Since 2012, she studies in the Hochschule für Musik in Saarbrücken with Gustav Rivinius and she is on her way to obtain a soloist’s diploma as well, on top of bachelor's and master’s degrees.

Aurore was successful in various competitions, including winning the Breughel competition and the Concours Européen pour Jeunes Solistes in Luxemburg, and was elected Young Belgian Talent by the Bayard Partnership.

She performed as a guest at the finest Belgian concert venues and, as a member of the European Union Youth Orchestra played on the stage of the Royal Albert Hall in London, the Berlin Konzerthaus and the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam.